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What Busy Bible Customers Are Saying…

Thanks again for creating such a treasure for our son to enjoy! We so want him to have the sense that God Himself is touchable and knowable. The Busy Bible allows for hands-on activity and play – great for teaching him that truth! May God bless your desire to love children.
Dan & Katie Haseltine (Dan is the lead singer of Jars of Clay)
The Busy Bible is perfect for young children with small hands and curious minds. This attractive, colorful, and well made Bible has the right name – it will keep children busy.
Kathy Koch, Ph.D., President, Celebrate Kids, Inc.
I am so pleased with the Busy Bible and feel that it will be a wonderful tool in sharing the Gospel with my son. I will be ordering three more today! Thank you for such a wonderful teaching tool! This Bible, I am sure, will become a beloved treasure.
Dianna Deven
Busy Bible is such a fun and practical tool to impart Biblical principles. My nephews are definitely going to enjoy it!
LeAnn Weiss, Hugs Series Author
I want to thank you for the Busy Bible. I have five grandchildren under the age of five, and we are loving it. Even the oldest, who seems to be turned off at this point with Bible books, asks if we can read the Busy Bible before he goes to bed. They always want to read the WHOLE Busy Bible at a sitting, and each one by himself!
Lois Swann
The Busy Bibles are beautifully done – I have seen quiet books, but these are the loveliest I have ever seen.
Ann Floyd, Manager, St. Timothy Bookstore